Bor de Kock

Master's student in Computer Science & Engineering


I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Eindhoven University of Technology

Currently pursuing a Master of Science degree at Eindhoven University of Technology

Although I initially started a broad computer science bachelor, I have gradually specialized myself in the field of information security. During my CS master I took a lot of mathematical courses and gradually moved towards the field of cryptography. Both my research project at UPenn and my thesis project are focused on crypto, and are floating somewhere in between the fields of computer science and mathematics.

Work experience

While studying I've mostly worked in jobs related to education and communication: e.g. as a teaching assistant, student ambassador for my university, mentor of first-year students, organizer of project days for high school students, copywriter for startups and much more.


Throughout my studies I have been involved in our university politics. I have been a member of several committees and sounding boards, and I have been an elected member of both the departmental council (at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science) as well as the university council, for student party Groep-één. Next to that I am an active member of study association GEWIS, where I have also served as a full-time board member for a year, and I play in student orchestra Ensuite.


Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about what I'm up to career-wise. I'm currently in grad school planning to graduate in the first quarter of 2018, so I am not looking for a full-time job for now, but might be interested for later.

I'm also active on Twitter, especially while staying abroad.

Mail: my first name, at this domain. PGP ID: 44985A89