Bor de Kock

Hi! My name is Bor and I'm an assistant professor of cryptology at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. My primary research interest is Post-Quantum Cryptography, specifically Key Exchange in its various forms – but I'm always excited about working with other cryptographic topics.


Some papers out there:

My PhD thesis (submitted, but not yet defended) consists of the above four papers.

My Master's Thesis:

Previous education

In Spring 2018 I received a Master of Science degree from Eindhoven University of Technology

Before that, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands

Other activities

At TU Eindhoven I have been an elected member of the departmental council (at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science) and the university council, for student party Groep-één. At NTNU in Trondheim I was an elected member of the faculty board (at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electical Engineering).

I was on the provincial board of Jonge Socialisten in de PvdA, the youth organization of the Dutch Labour Party and have been involved in GEWIS, the student union for mathematicians and computer scientists, where I have also served as a full-time board member for a year. When I'm not talking about math or politics I play (classical) music, for instance at symphony orchestra Ensuite or Studentersamfundets Symfoniorkester.


Mail: firstname @ this domain, or bor.restofmyname @ PGP ID: 44985A89

Actual mail: Bor de Kock c/o Dept. of IIK, Postboks 8900, Torgarden, 7491 Trondheim.

Office: NTNU Gløshaugen, Elektro A267.

Twitter: @BordeKock

LinkedIn: /in/BordeKock (but I really like my job).